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Your driveway and patio can provide years of enjoyment with few problems, as long you remember to perform regular driveway and patio maintenance and cleaning. The types of maintenance and cleaning tasks range from simple things you can do yourself to more complex tasks. If you find a particular task is beyond your skill, you can get help from professional driveway and paver cleaning services.

  1. Move plants, furniture, grills, and other items off your patio.

Prior to cleaning your patio, you want to make sure any items are removed every few weeks for a thorough cleaning. Dirt and debris can accumulate under and around items. When moving items, this is also a good time to clean and remove dust, dirt, and debris from furniture and table legs, grill wheels and legs, and the base of planters.

  1. Sweep your driveway and patio with a broom once a week.

To keep dirt and debris to a minimum, you will want to sweep your driveway and patio as much as you can. You want to keep your driveway free from leaves and other such debris. Staining can become a problem when leaves and other debris get wet. This can lead to having additional maintenance and cleaning tasks later.

  1. Spray down your driveway and patio with a garden nozzle.

After sweeping your driveway and patio, you can use a garden hose and nozzle to remove any dirt that remains. You should avoid power washing, as this can remove sealant from the pavers and driveway and lead to other problems like staining.

  1. Treat areas with mold, mildew, and moss.

If you notice you have mold, mildew, or moss growing on or in between your pavers or small cracks on your driveway, you want to treat these areas as soon as possible. There are several effective products to treat mold, mildew, and moss. After treating the areas, wet down the area and use a brush to scrub the surface until it is clean, and then rinse.

  1. Have broken, cracked, and damaged areas fixed as soon as possible.

If you notice cracks in your driveway or pavers or broken and missing pieces, you should have these fixed by a professional patio and driveway repair and restoration company. Making repairs when they occur helps extend the lifespan of your driveway and patio.

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  1. Have the patio and driveway deep-cleaned and resealed every 3-5 years.

Sealant helps protect against staining. Over time, the sealant will wear off and need to be reapplied. Prior to applying a new coat of sealant, you will want to make sure the patio and driveway are deep-cleaned. Additionally, this is a great time to have any imperfections repaired.

  1. Replace sections of your driveway or patio when needed.

Eventually, your driveway and patio will wear out and need to be replaced. You can replace them in smaller sections if other areas are still in decent shape. Otherwise, consider replacing your entire patio and driveway.

By using these maintenance and cleaning tips, you can make your patio and driveway last much longer. For assistance with driveway and patio paver cleaning services, repairs, restorations, or replacement, please feel free to contact California Paver Restorations at (916) 886-0336 today!