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California Paver Restorations works hard to ensure your hardscape retains its original charm and quality over the long run. We have the expertise and technology to provide top-quality renewals, cleaning, and restoration services. Our specialty is cleaning and sealing pavers, whether they’re made of brick, concrete, or stone, no matter when they were first installed.

Customers in and around Sacramento depend on us for professional hardscape maintenance services, such as:

  • Renewals – We’ve developed an innovative process that doesn’t just give you the benefits of a renew pressure washing. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can restore your paver surface to its original quality and apply sealers to protect it for many years. Our method clears away dirt, stains, grime, and natural and man-made contaminants like mold/mildew or oil and grease. You won’t need to replace your pavers sooner than you have to, and your home will be in better condition.
  • Cleaning – Don’t risk trying to get your hardscape clean yourself. Our team is experienced and equipped to handle dirt, grease, spills, tire marks, and other man-made surface issues. However, we can clean up natural contaminants just as well. Using tried and tested methods, we can get rid of mold, mildew, moss, animal stains, mud, and so much more. Whatever is embedded in the material or stuck in-between your hardscape pavers, our paver cleaning and sealing professionals do the most thorough job possible.
  • Restoration – Stains, paint, oil/grease, mold/mildew, and more are no match for our pavement cleaning services. We provide environmentally friendly acid cleaning to remove everything, from small white spots to large stains. For paving stones, cleaners such as our bio detergent remove biological stains from mold and mildew when there is moisture. Whether the job requires weed or sealer removal or applying a top-quality sealant that best suits your hardscape, you can depend on California Paver Restorations.

A top sealer won’t just protect the surface from staining and becoming dirty but also prevent UV damage that can discolor and deteriorate the material over time.

Hardscapes and pavers are always exposed to the elements, from rain and ice to dirt and grime. That doesn’t mean you can’t clean and protect them, extending the life of exterior surfaces and improving the look of your home. Pavers restoration helps you feel more pride in your home and is great for curb appeal as well. Potential buyers will be attracted to a shinier, cleaner-looking hardscape when you put your home on the market.

Our professionals don’t rely on only one method for paver cleaning and sealing to bring your hardscape back to life. A complete solution does the job even if the surface hasn’t been restored in years. Providing more than most paver cleaning companies, California Paver Restorations provides homeowners in Sacramento, Lincoln, Roseville, Elk Grove, and other surrounding communities with pavement cleaning, renewal, and restoration that leaves them with something to be proud of.

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We are delighted with the work Pavers Made Possible did on our huge driveway. Our Driveway and patio look fabulous!!!
Pavers Made Possible employees are held to high standards and did a remarkable job!

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These guys do fantastic work. Reliable, on time, no shortcuts. Highly recommended.

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