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California Paver Restorations Can Renew and Clean Old Pavers


We now offer paver cleaning services, in addition to our paving and restoration services available to homeowners in Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln, and other local communities. Our professional technicians are highly skilled at cleaning concrete pavers, brick pavers, and other surfaces. A complete restorative solution completely cleans and restores the original surface while protecting it from the elements.


More Effective Than Pressure Washing Alone


Pressure washing pavers doesn’t clean and preserve them as well as our method can. We do more than just wash away dirt. By power washing the surfaces, our crews can remove dirt, grime, stains, plant material, insects, and other contaminants, while a protective sealer is applied to keep these out for years.

California Paver Restorations is dedicated to top-notch customer service. Other paver cleaners use substandard products, including sealers that may erode away within months, requiring additional treatments before you know it. Ours can last many years and keep your pavers looking fresh and new all the while, which can make your property more inviting to visitors and increase curb appeal.


Refresh Your Exterior with a Paver Wash


Your patio, driveway, pool deck, and walking paths are constantly exposed to the elements. Since you can’t bring them inside, and covering or replacing your pavers may not be practical, you need another way to keep them looking fresh. A total replacement is expensive and time-consuming. A pressure washing, and our concrete renew products and services, provide the perfect alternative.

We help to get your exterior surfaces sparkling clean. Grease, oil, and even animal stains can ruin the look of your pavers. Spilled paint can be a hassle to clean up, while mold and mildew can seemingly appear out of nowhere. Are weeds cropping up between your paver joints? None of these is a match for our cleaning products and technicians.

From power washing pavers to completely renewing concrete, to re-sanding and stabilizing paver joints, we can completely restore the surface to prevent further contamination and degradation. Your property can, once again, look pristine from the ground and from the air. Cleaning concrete pavers is a good idea if you want to:

  • Maintain surfaces so they last longer.
  • Avoid replacing pavers prematurely.
  • Make your property more inviting for guests.
  • Have more pride in the condition of your home.
  • Make your home more appealing to buyers.


Paver Cleaning that Meets Every Homeowner’s Needs


We are prepared to serve each customer on an individual basis, whether weeds are growing in between pavers or a previously applied sealer needs to be removed. Top of the line stripping liquids can be used. Our crews remove old sealer material to restore the surface to its original appearance, give it a new look, or apply a new, more effective product. Whether you prefer naturally penetrating, water-based, or UV-resistant sealers, and if you require unbeatable renew and clean services, California Paver Restorations is here to serve you.

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We are delighted with the work Pavers Made Possible did on our huge driveway. Our Driveway and patio look fabulous!!!
Pavers Made Possible employees are held to high standards and did a remarkable job!

testimonail Esther U.

These guys do fantastic work. Reliable, on time, no shortcuts. Highly recommended.

testimonail Robert T.

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